Lacta approached us to direct their new father's day spot, to craft the visual campaign and product launch film for the new limited-edition packaging.
Production Company: The End
Direction: Rodrigo Gusmão
Art Direction: Flávio Montiel, Rodrigo Gusmão
Executive Production: Duda Izique, Helena Jardim
Producer: Helena Jardim
Compositing: Guilherme Sarinho, Rodrigo Gusmao
Simulation: Renato Montoro, Vinicius Lavor 
Storyboard: Antonio Soares Neto 
LookDev: Flavio Montiel, Vinicius Lavor
Animation: Renato Montoro, Vinicius Lavor 
Color Correctionr: Cassi Umetsu
Audio Production: LOUD

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